About the Home Energy Check

The Home Energy Check is an online calculator that acts as a quick and simple way to work out how you could reduce your energy bills.

At the end of it, you can take away a report with the details of which improvements will work best for your home and the savings you could make.

Change your habits

Nearly ten per cent of home electricity in a typical home goes on leaving appliances on standby so unplug or switch off your appliances at the wall when not in use. There are many other simple ways of saving energy such as only boiling as much water in your kettle as you need.

Change what you buy

Energy efficient light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs. When you replace energy-using products like washing machines, televisions or fridges look for the low energy choice, rated A, A+ or A++ on its energy label.

Save money on heating

Did you know that more than half of home energy use is on heating? Make sure your walls, roof, floors, outside doors and windows are better insulated. There are a wide variety of different insulation products and techniques now available including the latest double or triple glazed windows. And then upgrade your heating system, whether that means changing from expensive electric heating to gas, or fitting the latest, modern, high efficiency boiler for your existing central heating system.

Renewable energy technologies

You can choose renewable energy technologies such as solar panels that allow you to generate your own electricity, or ground source heat pumps that draw heat from the ground to warm your home. You could make big savings on your bills but these measures can cost more to install and are not be suitable for every home.

The Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust was set up to give impartial and accurate advice to communities on how to reduce carbon emissions, to use water efficiently and how to reduce energy bills. The Energy Saving Trust has built the Home Energy Check to help you think about the type of energy saving improvements your home might need.

About the Green Deal

The Green Deal is a new way to carry out major energy saving upgrades to your home and heating systems with no, or much lower, upfront costs. To repay for the cost of the improvements under the Green Deal you pay as you save – the costs of the energy-efficiency improvements should be met through the savings you make on your energy bills. And to make the Green Deal an even better offer, the Government is also obliging the energy companies to provide additional subsidies where homes are more expensive to improve.

The Green Deal isn’t for everyone but to find out more, please visit the Energy Saving Trust pages here: more about Green Deal.