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We hope that the Home Energy Check inspires you to think about home improvements, but the Energy Saving Trust cannot be liable for any decisions or actions you may take on the basis of information provided in the Home Energy Check. Every home is different and we make a number of assumptions about your home and family in putting together the advice in this tool. It’s therefore important that you only use the guidance from this tool as a first indication of improvements that might be right for your home. Consult expert installers and energy assessors before deciding to purchase any new energy saving measure. Our energy saving figures are calculated on the basis that home improvements are correctly installed and maintained. The amount of heat you use will affect how much you save from different improvements: our default assumption is that you heat your home to 18 degrees in bedrooms and 21 degrees in living areas, though you can change this in the “In your home” section of the Home Energy Check. We also assume that - after having your home improved - you keep your heating at the same level.